MediaMover for Avid Editing Systems

MediaMover is the most popular media management utility for Avid editing systems. Whether you're using local or shared storage, MediaMover makes taming your Avid media easier.

How It Works

MediaMover starts working by analyzing every media file on your storage system and determining the name of the project it belongs to. Once it is finished MediaMover builds a detailed list of every project and the online media associated with it. From there it’s a simple task to move unneeded media offline, back up a project’s media to another drive or backup device, delete a project’s media or move media that you need to edit back online.

Take control of your media

MediaMover helps you organize your Avid project media by identifying and sorting each media file based on the project it belongs to. You can even make reports detailing how much storage space is used by each individual project and how long it’s been on your system.

Give your Avid a speed boost

By keeping the media you don’t need offline, your Avid editing system is free to focus all its power on just the projects you want it to. If you do need media that’s offline you can move it back online quickly and easily. Your Avid system will instantly recognize it and make it available for editing.

Back up your projects

Once your media files are organized by the project names they belong to, it’s easy to backup any project’s media. Restore your media when you need it and MediaMover will help you move it back online.

MediaMover Features


MediaMover is fast. It quickly analyzes all the media files on your storage network and
sorts them by the projects that created them.


Analyzing, moving, backing up and generating media reports are all contained in one convenient app.

Easy to use

You’ll find MediaMover simple to understand
and use. That’s why it’s become an
indispensible tool for Avid editors.

Built-in media backup

Easily copy a project’s media to an external drive, raid system or other backup device. You can even choose which project files to backup and which not to.


MediaMover works with all types of Avid created media - OMF, MXF, AIFF, WAV, etc.

Detailed reports

Generate detailed reports on the media files on your storage system. MediaMover is great for keeping track of how much storage space each project is using.

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