ARC-X Features

 Dark Mode compatible

 3 ways to interface ARC-X with FCPX

 Drag an FCPX project directly into ARC-X to start archiving

 All filters, effects, generators, transitions, and font information retained by ARC-X during the archiving process

 When restored to FCPX, your events and projects look exactly as they did before archiving

 Clips and sources are restored to their original lengths

No shortening of clips with added “handles”

 Control exactly the media sources you want to archive

 ARC-X is fast and works well with other apps

Runs in the background so you can keep editing

 ARC-X saves your font files along with its archived source media

 Your project’s titles restore exactly as they were created

 All plugin information is retained

 Detailed progress information is displayed so that you know exactly where you are in the archiving process

 Archives all FCPX-compatible video formats

 An archive can be stopped at any time

ARC-X intelligently monitors storage space and lets you know before a storage device fills up

When a storage device reaches capacity, ARC-X prompts you to connect another one so the archive can continue

 ARC-X creates a detailed inventory of the media in your project

 An Excel compatible spreadsheet lists all fonts used in your projects

Lists all 3rd-party plugins used in you projects

Lists all media files used in your projects

 Lists the original source path of all media files

 Lists the path of each archived media file

 Easily see where an original media source came from and where it was archived to

 Archives all FCPX-compatible image files along with your video and audio files

 Archives all FCPX-compatible audio formats


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