How do I purchase MediaMover?

We use Esellerate’s online software activation services for MediaMover purchasing, so all you need to do is select the “Purchase” option from the MediaMover startup screen. You’ll be automatically connected to Esellerate's software purchase page. MediaMover will be activated immediately after payment.

What is your upgrade policy?

We don’t charge for point updates, i.e. version x.1 to x.2. If there is a major new version release, i.e. version 2.x to 3.x, we charge a nominal fee for existing users to update.

Can I purchase MediaMover if my computer doesn’t have an internet connection?

Yes. Esellerate offers a manual activation service for users that are unable to connect their Avid systems to the internet. You can find directions on how to do so here.

I purchased MediaMover and it has returned to demo mode. What do I do?

If you know the serial number you were given when you purchased MediaMover, select the “Enter Serial Number” option from the MediaMover startup screen and you’ll be guided through the re-activation process. If you don’t know your serial number contact us at and we’ll be happy to send it to you.

My company is tax exempt. How do I buy MediaMover?

Esellerate handles the onlne purchase of MediaMover and they have helpful information for tax-exempt purchasing here.

My company is exempt from VAT. How do I purchase MediaMover?

Have your VAT ID handy when you’re ready to purchase MediaMover and you’ll be prompted to enter it on Esellerate’s info page.

What is MediaMover’s return policy?

We want you to be happy with MediaMover. If at any time within 90 days of purchasing MediaMover you are not satisfied with it we will refund your purchase.

I purchased Mediamover via the Internet but my software is still in Demo mode.

When purchasing MediaMover via the internet sometimes your software’s serial number doesn't get stored properly on your computer. Please follow these steps:
--Be sure you are running the latest version of MediaMover. It can be downloaded here

--On your Mac's system drive search for a file named "MediaMoverPrefs.ini". It's usually at the path YourSystemDrive/Library/Preferences.
--On your PC's system drive search for a file named "MediaMoverPrefs.ini". It's usually in your "Documents and Settings" folder. If you can't find it, you may need to set Windows Preferences to display system files and hidden files in order to see it.

--Once you find the file listed above, double-click to open it. When opened, it should contain only one line of text which is your MediaMover serial number shown below. For example RVMMOSX001-xxxxxxxxx
--If the file doesn't contain your serial number, copy and paste it into the file then close and save the file.
--Relaunch MediaMover. Activation should now take place automatically.