Restoring an archive to Final Cut Pro X

There are two ways to restore an ARC-X archive to FCPX.

 Importing an ARC-X XML file into FCPX

1. Open a FCPX library.
2. In FCPX, select “File” from the main menu.
3. Click on “Import” and select “XML…”.
4. When the dialog window opens, select the ARC-X XML file you want to restore.

The ARC-X media files are now linked to the elements imported into FCPX from the ARC-X XML file.

 Linking the ARC-X media back to the original FCPX library

1. Open the original FCPX library the archive XML was exported from.
2. Select any offline media.
3. Select “File” from the main menu and click “Relink files…”.
4. In the “Relink Files” window that opens, click the “Locate all…” button.
5. Select the “ARC-X Media” folder from the archive you are restoring and click the “Choose” button.

The ARC-X media is now linked to the event, project(s), or clip(s) they originally belonged to in FCPX. 


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