Starting the Archive

Once an XML file has been imported into ARC-X, all the media files that are found in it are displayed in the main window along with the following information:
▪ A check box that determines if the file will be archived or not.
▪ The name of the media file.
▪ The type of the media file - video & audio, video, audio, or any one of the FCPX compatible graphics files.
▪ The size of the media file.
▪ The original location of the media file in the original FCPX library.
▪ The location of the archived media file.
▪ The archive status of the file.
Before beginning the archive process, make sure the media files you want to include in the archive are checked. The main window will display the amount of storage space needed to hold all the media in the archive. Unchecking a row means the file listed will be skipped during the archiving process and excluded from the final archive.
Once you have selected the files you want in the archive, click the “Start Archive” button. A dialog window will appear and ask you to select a destination for the archive. You can choose an existing folder or create a new one.
Once you select a destination, the archiving process begins. You can watch the archive progress in ARC-X's main window.
If a storage device reaches its capacity during the archive, you will be prompted to choose an additional storage device so that the archive may continue.


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