What’s in the ARC-X archive folder

 ARC-X generated XML file

The XML file created by ARC-X contains the information needed to import the archived media back into FCPX. All the information exported by FCPX is retained in this file. This file exactly matches the elements exported from FCPX and is linked to the newly created media files in the archive.

 FCPX media files

The media files contained in the archive will be copied into a folder named “ARC-X Media” which can be found inside the folder you selected when the archive process was started. Each media file is an exact copy of the original media file from the FCPX library. When restored these archived media files are the same length as the originals.

 Font files

ARC-X compiles a list of all fonts found in archived projects. If they are accessible, ARC-X will copy the font files into the “Fonts Used” folder found in the archive folder. If you are using network fonts or a font server, ARC-X may not be able to include the font files in the archive. If so, ARC-X will list the font names along with a notation that they were inaccessible to the archive.

 Media Inventory spreadsheet

An Excel compatible spreadsheet is created that inventories everything included in the archive. The following information is included in the inventory spreadsheet:
▪ Details of the archive creation including its name, size, and date created.
▪ A list of any 3rd-Party plugins used in the original FCPX project(s).
▪ A list of any fonts used in the original FCPX project(s).
▪ A detailed list of every media file included in the archive.


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